The path that leads to the Tequila Bar, at the Marriott Hotel in San Diego’s Marina district, is lined with babbling waterfalls, palm trees swaying in the breeze, both of which seemed to be dancing to the Reggae music playing, and comfy rattan ‘nooks’ stationed about, helps set the tone for what awaits you. Your senses are telling you that you are in for a treat.

They proudly offering 35 handcrafted and unique tequilas.  And with a selection this large, there is Ramon, who is a  knowledgeable and entertaining barkeep, to help guide you through the well-known names selections and then educate you on their rare extra-anejos that can cost up to  $1300 per bottle. It may be time to find a new favorite.

On the lighter side, they also offer 6 icy cold draft beers on tap. Why not have one paired with one of their poolside fare dishes? A great place to relax, enjoy and toast life!


We can across this place by accident, another story, but I am sure glad we did. We thoroughly enjoyed our ‘new find’ experience and will return every time were in San Diego.

The Marina Marriott Hotel is only 13 nautical miles above  Baja, Mexico. It offers several guest slips for both motor and sail powered visitors. The cost is $2.00 per foot and includes full use of the hotel’s facilities and there are many. Contact the Harbormaster at (619) 224-3125 for reservations.

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