As the season changes, fall’s cool coastal fog sifts through the Centurion Redwood trees’ branches enriching the forest floor with moisture before hugging the mountainsides and then as the rain caress the perched amber colored meadows, over 3,000 different varieties of sleeping fungi come to life. It is a blossom of Chanterelle, Porcini, Hedgehog, and Candy Cap bonanza.

This year’s Mendocino Mushroom, Wine & Beer Festival celebration is Nov. 3-12, and they are expanding their menu. Foraging and identification classes now include the cultivation of seaweed, nettles, and nuts in addition to mycologist mushroom foraging tours. The new fermentation classes will teach you how to preserve your finds to enjoy later with your family, learn the fundamentals of making cheese, and the healthful benefits of creating Kombucha and ciders. continue