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ALLURING Magazine is dedicated to present the best travel experiences to our affluent readers. We give you descriptive insights about dream destinations, cultures, cuisines, and libations close to home and from around the world. Our team of professional travel writers will inspire you to travel and offer you the best advice once you reach your destination.


Shelley Pittman

“Traveling is much more than just site-seeing. It’s about discovery and experiencing new places, sounds, cultures, cuisines, and libations. Sometimes where you travel to is the main purpose for your visit, but more times than not, it is only part of the experience.” Hi, I am Shelley, editor, travel writer, photojournalist, storyteller, chef, and incurable globetrotter. It’s a mystery how one's life will take course over time, but I blame my parents for mine. When I was a small child, they gave me a shiny new globe for Christmas. That was it; I was captivated. I spent countless hours spinning the globe, discovering new places and daydreaming about the trips I would take. My first adventure was to a tiny island or Caye off the coast of Belize, Central America. The unspoiled beauty was astounding, their seafood cuisine was incredible, the locals were as curious about us as we were about them, and the warm translucent sea was intoxicating. I wanted more. My dilemma was, how can I satisfy this explorer part of me at home? Naturally, I dove into the cuisines of the world. As a chef, restaurateur, hotelier, and wine educator, each evening I listened to tales of far off places and traveled the globe nightly with culinary delights. Over the years Thailand, Bali, New Zealand, Mexico, U.S.V.I., and Belize, have been my muses. And of course, California, my home state. It’s easy to see that I am attracted to lush scenery, tantalizing bites, and considering that I should have been born a fish, but that’s another story, a playground of bathtub-warm water. As life progresses, I’ve traded in my chefs' knives for the pen. I now combine my professional skills as a retired Chef/Restaurateur/Hotelier/Wine Educator of over 25 years, with my unquenchable appetite for experiencing new places, cuisines, and libations, both near and far, and then weave each experience into stories to share with you. Whether it’s safari tents to five-star hotels, by planes or boat, or from rooftop lounges to fine cuisine, luxury isn’t about the price; it’s about the experience. Now that you know more about me let me share some insights about my hometown with you. I have called Mendocino home for over twenty years now, and still, every time I drive along scenic Hwy 1, and the village of Mendocino comes into view, I am in captivated by its beauty and fall in love, again. The town is brimming with excellent cuisine, sights, watering-holes, shops, and art everywhere but that is only half the experience. Mendocino is about the outdoors. Nature has been very generous here offering many different types of playgrounds to spend your day. So as a local, I invite you to come to spend some time in Mendocino and be captivated by its charm. Here’s to our next discovery, Cheers, Shelley



Noreen Kompanik

Aloha! I’m Noreen, a travel writer and photographer from San Diego, California. I have loved traveling since childhood and was so fortunate for the opportunities to see exotic places like the Pyramids of Egypt, the Roman Coliseum and swim in the Dead Sea. I married a Naval Officer and travels continued to take me around the world. A Registered Nurse by profession, I decided to hang my stethoscope for good five years ago to pursue a full-time career in travel writing. I figured I was taking these amazing trips, why not write about them? And write I have- with over 400 articles in a myriad of print and digital publications. Some of my favorite travels are with my hubby, children and grandchildren. And some of my favorite places are the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Mexico, and especially Europe. I love finding the “story within the story” on destinations and writing about luxury travel, wine, history, coffee, inspirational pieces and of course, travel writing.

Melissa Mohney

Hi, I’m Melissa, a freelance travel writer and photographer with a severe case of wanderlust! Born in New Hampshire and raised in the tiny state of Rhode Island, my New England roots will always bring me back to my home state despite having lived in the western part of the United States for almost two decades. Armed with my newly acquired BA degree, I ventured off into the non-profit environmental industry, however the entertainment industry was calling my name. So naturally I picked up and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and television. Time flies and I have now worked in the industry for over 15 years, on shows such as “The Amazing Race,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Man vs. Food,” “Eastbound & Down” and “Veep”. Since travel is involved with many of the shows I work on, I have had the opportunity to travel to several locations for extended periods of time to such places as Colorado, NYC, Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon, Maryland, the Carolinas, and Massachusetts. I prefer “working on location” so I can get to the heart and soul the area. I absolutely love working in entertainment, but I love traveling even more! I come from a long line of travelers who have explored and roamed this beautiful world of ours. My paternal grandfather traveled extensively throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe in the 1950s & 60s. My great aunt worked as a tour guide in several countries and continents and eventually owned her own travel agency. My dad has traveled frequently on his own as well as for work, to both domestic and overseas locations. My great uncle was a published travel writer who wrote many books and articles throughout his life. I believe there is something innate, something genetic that gives someone wanderlust. I met my partner while working on “The Amazing Race” show and I am not sure which of us has a larger passion for traveling. It’s a perfect fit. Our family has grown to include a 9-year old boy and a 2-year old girl. Our goal now is to travel with our children as much as possible, both state side and abroad, in order to expose them to other places, cultures, and experiences. I truly believe travel is the best way to learn and develop an open mind! I love experiencing a place through the lens of my camera first, then add the words to tell their story. Together, they are tales of discovery, adventure, and detailed insights about each destination allowing you to experience it like a local does. There are some truly amazing places waiting for you to experience, shall we begin?